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Forest Economics Contributions Summit

Strategies for Development, Communication & Education on the Sector's Role in the Southern Region

March 10-11, 2020 | New Orleans, LA

  • Meeting Overview
  • Registration & Lodging
  • Meeting Format & Agenda
  • Speakers

Who should come to this meeting?

Public and private decision makers advocating for forestry including interested individuals from:

  • Forestry agency personnel (state and federal)
  • State economic development agencies
  • Forestry associations and other forestry advocates
  • Private sector including forest industry and more


Email: Leslie Boby,

Summit objectives

Connect forestry economic contribution analysts, economic development specialists, & advocates to learn from each other. Improve the understanding, usage & communication of forestry economic contribution data to promote forestry & the forest products industry.

Learn more about

  • the current economic contributions of the forestry sector within your state & the financial contribution of each forestry-related business sector
  • maximizing the meaning of the economic contributions & communicating broader impacts
  • a new standardized protocol for analyzing forestry economic contribution data
  • forest economic development & work being completed in other states
  • creating effective and personalized messages about forestry economic impact

Interactive Meeting Format

Summit will include a mix of presentations from plenary talks to ‘lightning’ presentations discussion time at tables and small group discussions. Agenda is in development and ideas for topics to cover and/or speakers are welcome!