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Mississippi Forestry Facts

Total Land Area (ac):
30.0 million

Forest Land Area (ac):
19.4 million

Timberland Area (ac):
19.2 million

Private Ownership (%):
90% of timberland

FIA 2014 Survey

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Mississippi Economic Impact Reports*

Today Mississippi's public and private forests provide significant timber resources, recreational and tourism opportunities, aesthetic value, wildlife habitat, water quality protection and other environmental, social and economic benefits...The vast majority of Mississippi's private forestlands are maintained for economic returns from the sale of timber a primary or secondary objective...Timber is an important agricultural crop in the local economy of virtually every county outside the Mississippi Delta.

- Mississippi's Assessment of Forest Resources and Forest Resource Strategy, 2010

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* As of 2015, no standard methodology exists for producing economic impact or economic contribution reports. Please exercise caution when viewing and comparing reports as each may vary significantly in terms of source data and analysis and reporting methodology.