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Oklahoma Forestry Facts

Total Land Area (ac):
43.6 million

Forest Land Area (ac):
12.3 million

Timberland Area (ac):
7.1 million

Private Ownership (%):
87% of timberland

FIA 2014 Survey

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Oklahoma Economic Impact Reports*

Oklahoma is one of the most diverse and geographically remarkable states in America. With plant and animal species ranging from pinyon pine and antelope in the northwest, to cypress swamps and the American alligator in the southeast, few states can match the broad spectrum of landscapes we have. Across all of these landscapes are forests and trees, shading our homes, providing oxygen, cleansing water, providing habitat for wildlife and products for people's everyday lives.

- John Burwell, Oklahoma Forest Resource Assessment 2010

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* As of 2015, no standard methodology exists for producing economic impact or economic contribution reports. Please exercise caution when viewing and comparing reports as each may vary significantly in terms of source data and analysis and reporting methodology.